Vocabulary comes alive in Mrs. Layne’s business classes at Freeman High School!

3D vocabulary project helps students visually connect with their required vocabulary terms.

Using textbook, students had to create a 3-D project on one of the concepts or terms we had studied.

  • Project should be able to sit-up/standup by itself
  • Concept or term should be labeled clearly to show that student understands the concept or term.
  • For example, in the picture, a student chose Arson and created a building on fire.  The second student chose computer crime and created a laptop listing some of the crimes on the display.
  • Second picture shows the crime of Trespassing; the student created a chain-link fence showing you can’t go in that area.  Another student chose merchandizing business and made a little shop with racks of shirts and pants.
  • Students also got to review  terms as they critiqued other students’ projects.
  • Best projects were displayed in the glass cabinets in the hallway where other students can learn from them.

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