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Henrico CTE Now Interviews Dr. Amy Cashwell, Superintendent of Henrico County Schools

Reshawn Garnett and Mike Roberts, hosts of Henrico CTE Now

Henrico CTE Now Podcast’s interview with Dr. Amy Cashwell and guests from the Iowa CTE world is now available. We had a great discussion about our CTE Signing Day, CTE Life Ready Expo, School/Business partnerships and career experiences for Henrico’s middle and high school students.

From left to right. Dr. William J. Crowder, (At the time) Principal of the ACE Center at Highland Springs, Beverly Cocke, school board member for Fairfield, Steve Rayborn, Deputy Director of Idaho Career & Technical Education, Spencer Werneth, student at the ACE Center at Hermitage, Terrie Allsbrooks, Principal at the ACE Center at Hermitage, Dr. Amy Cashwell, Superintendent at Henrico County Schools, Amy Lorenzo, Director of Policy and Organizational Planning at Idaho Career and Technical Education.

We also had the pleasure to interview Steve Reborn, Deputy Director of Idaho’s Career and Technical Education and Amy Lorenzo, Director of Policy and Organizational Planning for Idaho’s Career and Technical Education. They were in town last month for a conference and asked about visiting an innovative CTE program and were told that had to visit Henrico’s CTE programs. They ended up spending 2 days visiting classrooms and meeting students, teachers, administrators, including many of our special programs like our house building project. Luckily we were able to convince them to sit down with us on our own Henrico CTE Now podcast. Follow this link to listen or look for us at your favorite podcast venue.

Henrico CTE Now is almost a year old in just a couple of weeks. Please give a listen and subscribe. We have 25 episodes and more coming every month. We have interviewed teachers and business leaders, politicians and students, and I think you will find all of them informed about how Henrico CTE is an option for every Henrico student going to college and or work. While you’re listening maybe Reshawn and Mike can make you crack a smile. So make the Henrico CTE Now podcast a regular listen twice each month and tell your friends and family to subscribe while we show that Henrico CTE is the best game in town for our students.


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