October is Energy Awareness Month!

Did you know that October is Energy Awareness Month and what does it have to do with Henrico CTE?  National Energy Awareness Month, aimed at promoting the importance of energy for our sustainability and environmental well-being. This national effort provides an opportunity to help kids understand the concept of energy, and the role energy plays in the world around them. According to the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council website says, “October 1st kicks off National Energy Awareness Month, a time to promote the importance of energy efficiency, discover new ways to become more efficient and reflect on your own energy consumption.” Please visit their website and help kick-off Energy Awareness month.

What does Energy Awareness month have to do with Henrico CTE? Did you know that, according to U.S. Energy and Employment Report,

  • The U.S. energy market accounts for millions of jobs. 6.7 million Americans work in the energy sector overall, including electric power generation and fuels; transmission distribution, and storage; energy efficiency; and motor vehicles. This represents 4.6% of the American workforce and an increase of 151,700 jobs (or 2.3%) over 2017. Jobs in energy accounted for nearly 7% of all new jobs nationwide.
  • Energy efficiency is an engine for economic development, and is experiencing rapid growth. Energy efficiency employed 2.35 million Americans, in whole or in part, in the design, installation, and manufacture of Energy Efficiency products and services, adding 76,000 net jobs in 2018 (3.4%), an increase over the 67,000 jobs added in 2017.
  • Natural gas electric generation jobs continue to grow. In 2018, the natural gas industry added over 5,000 new jobs, as natural gas continues its status as the number one fuel for electricity generation in the country.
  • Hiring difficulty and an ever-present reality in the energy industry. Over 75% of employers report difficulty recruiting qualified workers, most often attributed to lack of experience, training, or technical skills.
  • The energy industry faces workplace diversity challenges. Women and people of color are underrepresented across energy industry segments relative to the U.S. economy as a whole, highlighting the need for placement, training, and Human Resources programs that place an emphasis on diversity and access.

These facts and the need for thousands of new energy workers have led the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to join several other states and add a 17th Career Cluster, Energy. CTE programs are now able to help with courses designed to get the next generation of energy workers ready for careers in the solar, wind, as well as the traditional energy industries. Henrico CTE will be adding the new Energy Career Cluster as soon as we are able.

Henrico CTE was lucky to be involved with the rollout of VDOE Energy Career Cluster when our award-winning Henrico CTE Now podcast had a series of interviews with energy industry experts.

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Henrico CTE Now, Season 2 Episode 4: Guests, Jackie Merrick, Sameera Younus-Kan, and Matt Kellam with Dominion Energy, Click here

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Join Henrico CTE and the Department of Workforce and Career Development and support National Energy Awareness Month!

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