Podcast for the Cobbs Creek Reservoir Project Is Ready

We had such a great interview with three of the engineers at Henrico Counties Cobbs Creek Reservoir project. We interviewed Michael Wooden, VP of Arcadis, W. Ed Overmann, Capital Projects Manager, Henrico County Department of Public Utilities, Tim Mohr of Schnable Engineering.  Seeing the work being done to build such a large multi-year project to supply water to the residents of Henrico County residents for the next 50 years was almost overwhelming. I hope we can check back as this project progresses. Click here to listen.

Cobbs Creek Reservoir Stats:

  • Located in Cumberland County VA, 46 river miles from Henrico County water intake. Will expand the local drinking water supply and help meet the region’s water needs for the next 50 to 75 years.
  • The county will be able to store water from the James River during particularly wet periods, and will release water back to the river to help maintain its flow during dry periods.
  • 1,117-acre reservoir storing 14.8 BG, normal pool elevation at 345′. In terms of volume, Cobbs Creek will be the largest reservoir in Virginia owned by a water utility. Total site is comprised of over 1830 acres.
  • Maximum water depth will be 140′ at the main dam. Site is comprised of 3 permitted dams:
  • Main dam is 3850′ long with maximum height of 160′ o Saddle dam is 1300′ long with maximum height of 26′ o PARD (Perimeter Access Road Dam) is 1100′ long with maximum height of 19 ft Over 3.46 million cubic yards of dirt will be moved on site to construct the 3 dams.
  • Water intake will be located on the James River, West of Columbia VA, and will be comprised of 2 intake channels each with a daily maximum withdrawal of 75mgd for a total maximum intake of 150mgd.
  • 20 intake screens that are 4′ diameter, 16′ long and have Imm slot openings will protect early life stages of fish during pumping operations.
  • The reservoir will allow a maximum discharge of 100mgd based on James River water levels primarily during the months of June-November, which are the historically driest months in Virginia..
  • The pump station will have 6 vertical turbine pumps to move water into the reservoir as needed through approximately 4000′ of pipeline.
  • Recreation will include fishing, swimming, and boating. Public boat launch facilities will include two-lane boat ramp, floating dock, and 48-space parking area.
  • Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has partnered with Henrico County to stock the reservoir with game fish including blue gill, crappie, large mouth bass, catfish, and more. Standing timber covering 20% of the reservoir normal pool elevation will be retained for fisheries habitat.
  • 150′ wide reservoir buffer covering approximately 295 acres will be maintained to protect habitat and water quality.


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