She Is A Typical CTE Graduate!

pic1Devon Gallagher is not a prime example of a Henrico Career & Technical Education graduate. Yes, she  completed the 2 year, CTE/ACE Center Electronics program. She went to college to become an engineer. She is now a successful nuclear engineer at Dominion Power. Yes, she is an example of a successful individual, but she is typical of a successful CTE graduate because they learn how to be successful through their CTE education.  Discover how successful you can be by exploring all Henrico CTE has to offer. If you want to become a plumber or welder making $100K a year or become a nuclear engineer making $100K a year we have you covered. With over 150 programs to chose from it’s all up to you. This is what a Henrico CTE Education Looks Like! Click here to listen to podcast.

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