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ACE Student at HOSA Competition

We are proud of our ACE Center students who competed in the state HOSA competition in Williamsburg. These students now qualify for the HOSA National competition in Dallas, Texas.
Nurse Assisting: Bethany Brown, Practical Nursing, 1st place.
Emily St. Cyr, Practical Nursing, 3rd place.
Medical Terminology: Sarah Jayne Hirt, Practical Nursing, 2nd place.
Sports Medicine: Chris Bonnett, Sports Medicine, 2nd place.
Extemporaneous Writing Nyla Williams, Nurse Aide, 2nd place.
Biomedical Debate: Bethany Brown/Martina Gamil/Fellipe Moreto/Practical Nursing, 3rd place.
Home Health Aide: Martina Gamil, Practical Nursing, 4th or 5th place.
Physical Therapy: Isabella Beazley, Sports Medicine, 4th or 5th place.

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