79 Career Pathways

What is a career pathway?

If a career cluster is a  grouping of careers and broad industry skills a career pathway is a branching path that will prepare students with more specific training to ready them for their careers while in high school or from post-secondary education. The Career Pathways are set on a national level to have a uniform list to make it easier for parents and students to ready themselves for the essential careers of today and tomorrow.

The links under each career pathway are sample Plans of Study from the Virginia Department of Education. The sample Plans of Study aligned to the National Career Clusters framework is the method of delivery for all CTE (Career and Technical Education).

What are the 79 career pathways?

1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

2. Architecture & Construction

3. Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

4. Business Management & Administration

5. Education & Training

6. Finance

7. Government & Public Administration

8. Health Sciences

9. Hospitality & Tourism

10. Human Services

11. Information Technology

12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

13. Manufacturing

14. Marketing

15. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

17. Energy