College and Career Night

Henrico County College and Career Night: It’s like a buffet for your future.

Students of all ages are invited. The annual countywide event offers a chance to talk with representatives of more than 100 universities, colleges and professional programs, as well as about 50 representatives of employers such as businesses, government agencies, and branches of the military.

The event now features a timesaving feature: pre-registration barcodes. In past years, aisles could sometimes be glutted with students and parents filling out information cards to leave with colleges. Students are now asked to fill out a brief questionnaire ahead of the event at this link to receive a personal barcode. When they find colleges at the event that pique their interest, students can quickly transfer their contact information by having a personal barcode scanned.

Henrico Schools will also host a separate event, the Life-Ready Expo, on (date to be determined) The Expo will be held at the Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage, 8301 Hungary Spring Road, Henrico, Va. It will provide students in grades 7-12 with information about a variety of paths to careers and education, and offer students a chance to talk with employers about job opportunities.