#LIFEREADY Career Rodeo


The #LIFEREADY Career Rodeo offers students the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of various stakeholders, most notably potential employers. During the event, students will solve work-based challenges demonstrating their hands-on skillset in front of potential employers. The #LIFEREADY Career Rodeo is the secondIMG_3090sm event of three, with the culminating event being our CTE Signing Day, which will be held in (date to be determined). In the fall, the #LIFEREADY Career Rodeo provided career exploration and opportunities for students and local business partners to interact, and in some cases, even interview. The upcoming #LIFEREADY Career Rodeo IMG_1591smwill offer businesses a “first look” at student soft skills, as well as their hands-on skillset, potentially leading to student full-time employment. It is through such work-based learning experiences and building of essential soft skills that our students can truly be #lifeready. The 2022 Life Ready Career Rodeo will be March 16th, 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Richmond Raceway Exhibition Hall. Click here for flyer.