Career Specialist

Brad Beazley
Bradford M. Beazley

Career Specialist

Henrico County Public Schools

3751-C Nine Mile Road

Henrico, VA 23223

804-781-1811 (Office)

804-236-5705 (Fax)

Brad Beazley with Career & Technical Education’s Big Red Bus

Meet our Career Specialist, Brad Beazley. It is his duty to educate students and their parents on every program the Henrico County Career and Technical Education Department (CTE) has to offer. With more than 165 programs to choose from,  CTE offers students the opportunity to expand their education and to experience a world of career choices in a whole new way.

Brad Beazley with the Automotive Technology and Auto Body Repair project Chevy El Camino

For example, some 11th- and 12th-grade students in our high school programs will have the opportunity to build a house. Please check out the Business Partners link on our website. There you will find information about our House Building Project and also a list of members of the Henrico County Vocational/Technical Education Foundation, Inc.

We are able to spread the word about CTE through various means, such as:

  • PTA meetings
  • Career Days
  • School anniversary events
  • All 10th grade PE classes in HCPS
  • Audio/visual presentation (DVD)
  • CTE Bus (bookings by request only)

The CTE Department’s biggest recruitment tool to date is the Career and Technical Education Bus, also known as the “Big Red Bus.” The Bus allows Mr. Beazley to enter elementary schools and !!WOW!! the kids into forming career ideas at an early age. Carried over into the middle school and high school years, his responsibility is to maintain interest in our programs through Audio/Visual Presentations and the CTE Bus.

For more information about the CTE Bus, or to request a booking, please email:

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