Health & Medical Sciences

Jennifer M. McCrickard
Health and Medical Sciences Specialist
Career & Technical Education
Henrico County Public Schools

7850 Carousel Lane
Henrico, VA 23294
Phone: 804-527-4660 Ext: 82007
Fax: 804-527-4665


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kennedy Dixon says:

    So when would you go to hermitage and would i have to go to hermitage as my home school


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      When you attend the ACE Centers you only go for half a day and it does not replace your home school like other specialty centers. Thank you


  2. Kay says:

    If you take the Vet Science program, will it give you college credits and will it take years off of college to becoming a Vet?


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      Our Vet Science program does not provide college credits at this time. Many of our other programs do. The VS program will not reduce the time you spend at college to become a vet but it will help you get into vet school and can make you employable in the vet field as an an assistant after high school.
      Thank you


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