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Jennifer M. McCrickard

Health and Medical Sciences Specialist
Workforce & Career Development
Henrico County Public Schools

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  1. If you take the Vet Science program, will it give you college credits and will it take years off of college to becoming a Vet?

    1. Our Vet Science program does not provide college credits at this time. Many of our other programs do. The VS program will not reduce the time you spend at college to become a vet but it will help you get into vet school and can make you employable in the vet field as an an assistant after high school.
      Thank you

  2. So, My girlfriend and I are interested to the same Vet Science program together…but we are worried that there are requirements and limitations and we love being together and having a decent job together in the future but the problems is that we might get separated or one of us might not make the requirements to get into the Vet Science Program.
    I also want to ask if there is a way I can sign up ONLINE just in case I don’t make it to Libbie Mill to sign up.

    1. The main limitation is the limited number of students that are taken each year. Each student is selected by the teacher for that program. We are currently visiting all 10th graders in each high school and informing them of all our programs available for them to sign up to begin their junior year. You can apply at any time but we do not have online applications at this time. You can download an application at Once you have completed it please turn it in to your school counselor so they can complete the process and will get it to our offices then the individual instructor will get their applications so they can make their selections.

  3. What classes should I take or recommend for me to take to become a veterinarian or just jobs that involve working with animals?

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