CTE 360 Video Portal


Welcome to the CTE 360 Video Portal

This is your gateway to seeing what it’s like to practice in the vast amount of fields that the CTE program offers. Scroll through the options below and click on the image to start your immersive tour of life in that career.

milMilitary Science

Experience flying in a military grade jet from the perspective of a pilot. Increase your understanding of an Air Force pilot’s work.


Technology Education

Embark on a mission to Jupiter. See the inside of the probe that traveled there. Learn how advancements in technology have produced wondrous achievements.


Agricultural Education

Marvel at the sheer magnitude of a typical tree farm. Gain an idea of the time and effort required to maintain such a large operation.


Medical Science

Observe a surgery performed by Dr. Shafi Ahmed and his team at the Royal London Hospital. See how modern surgeries are performed.


Career Connections

Experience how a professional interview is performed. Learn valuable skills and techniques on how to impress an interviewer.


Family and Consumer Sciences

Witness an intense five-minute cooking battle between three friends. Learn how entertainers seek to widen an audience.


Information Technology

Take advantage of a unique opportunity. Tour through one of Google’s Data Centers. Learn about the different factors Google must keep in mind in their daily operations.


Trade and Industrial Education

Take advantage of an unique opportunity by exploring the inside of a construction site. Witness the multitude of tasks engineers and workers need to accomplish in order to complete this massive project.


Marketing, Sales, and Service

Experience the future of advertising. Learn how marketers are adapting to new technology to enhance their advertisements.


Business, Management, and Administration

Travel through the inside of a nuclear power plant. Learn about the technology and science involved in the creation of a nuclear power plant.



View an amazing virtual tour of Ballarat. See how changes in technology allow users to experience interesting areas of the world in a whole new way.

080730-N-5277R-003 ATSUGI, Japan (July 30, 2008) A Commander, Naval Forces Japan firefighter douses a fire on a dummy aircraft during the annual off-station mishap drill at Naval Support Facility Kamiseya. Emergency response and rescue teams were tasked with putting out a simulated fire, and rescuing two personnel from a plane crash scene. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Seaman Barry Riley (Released)

Law and Public Safety

Experience a firefighter’s work first hand through a helmet cam. Witness how firefighters approach and handle a house fire.



Experience a train ride through a beautiful countryside. See how this historic mode of transportation has changed since its conception.



Learn how to make money by creating VR videos. Learn strategies and techniques to capitalize on this new type of media format.



Tour through the inside of a manufacturing facility. See all of the different parts of this huge facility.


Government and Public Administration

Witness David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, deliver his speech on EU Referendum. Listen to the speech that was a precursor of a major historic event.