2020 Henrico CTE Letter of Intent Signing Day

We hope that the Letter of Intent Signing Day returns for the 2020/2021 school year. Thank you.

In 2018 Henrico CTE held our first Letter of Intent Signing Day where we celebrated students who were going to the world of work after high school with an event that very much resembled a signing event for college athletes. We had a large table with students and businesses, and they signed agreements that included start dates, pay, and benefits for the students. It was a great event and afterward when we started posting to social media about the event things got interesting. Mac Beaton, director of Career & Technical Education with Henrico County Schools, knew he had a great idea about celebrating students going to work but what happened a few days later after the event still has us excited almost a year later.

Social Media activity was very active right from the start but when a celebrity, Mike Rowe from the show “Dirty Jobs”, decided to give us his praise on his Facebook page we could have never imagined were his comments would take us.

What followed was new stories from all over the country and Mac being interviewed by the likes of the Today Show, Fox News, and more. Even 10 months later, Mac had a live interview on CNN’s Headline News about Signing Day.

So now that I have told you the short version of our journey this past year, I want to invite everyone to follow our 2020 Henrico CTE Letter of Intent Signing Day. Visit our Signing Day webpage and follow us on social media to get more details of what we have in store this year.