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The Program

Each year the students in the housing industry and associated programs in Henrico County are provided an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a real-life setting. They build a house! Through the Henrico County Vocational/Technical Education Foundation’s House Building Project, these students gain valuable experience that will help them make the transition from the classroom to a rewarding career in the housing industry.

Our Mission

The mission of the House Building Project is to provide real-life, hands-on experience to students involved in the housing industry and associated programs in Henrico County Public Schools.


The House Building Project began with the formation of the Henrico County Vocational Education Foundation during the 1986-1987 school year and has since sold over 18 houses in Henrico County. Funds derived from the sale of a house are used to ensure the continuation of the project and other associated programs.

Involvement of the Technical Schools:

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Plumbing: Student activities include: establishing water and sewer services, installing plumbing systems and fixtures, and installing the heating ventilation, gas rough-in/plumbing for appliances, and air conditioning systems.

  • The Advanced Education Center (ACE) at Hermitage

Carpentry: Student activities include: laying out the foundation, framing the structure, roofing, installing windows and doors, hanging siding, installing drywall, trim, cabinetry and constructing the deck.

  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs
  • Academy at Virginia Randolph (AVR)

Drafting/CAD: Students develop working drawings for each house, and make design changes as needed.

  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Hermitage
  • All High School CAD Programs

Electricity & Cabling : Student activities include: establishing electrical service, determining electrical requirements, estimating materials, wiring the house, installing fixtures, installing receptacles and switches, and connecting appliances.

  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Hermitage
  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs
  • Academy at Virginia Randolph (AVR)

Computer Systems Technology: Students participate by wiring the house for telephone and cable TV, low voltage installation, “smart home” rough-in/installation, and installing and installing security systems.

  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs

Landscaping and Horticulture: Students develop and implement a landscaping plan for the house.

  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Hermitage
  • Academy at Virginia Randolph (AVR)

Masonry: Student activities include: calculating and pricing materials, laying the block and brick foundation, constructing the front steps, and constructing the chimney and fireplace.

  • Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs
  • Academy at Virginia Randolph (AVR)

ACE Center and AVR students are involved in all aspects of residential construction.

How students can help build a house:

Students interested in learning more about any trade programs involved in the House Building Project should talk with their counselor or contact  Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Hermitage, Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs, or the  Academy at Virginia Randolph.

How Can you help?

Interested businesses and individuals can help the House Building Project in many ways. A few suggestions include the following:

  • Donate materials and/ or services
  • Serve as a member of the Vocational Technical Education Foundation
  • Make classroom presentations about your trade specialty or company to interested classes
  • Agree to hire high school seniors to participate in practical work experience programs
  • Donate land for future house building projects
  • Provide mentors to work with students at the house site
  • Sponsor and participate in our annual fundraising golf tournament.
For more information, please contact:

Mac Beaton, Director of Career and Technical Education, contact info

Pre-Engineering and Industrial Careers, Agricultural Education, and JROTC Educational Specialist, contact info

Foundation Members

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