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It’s CTE Month!

February is CTE Month and Henrico CTE is going to celebrate!

Animals are part of the family for many people. Just like humans, animals get sick and need assistance getting back to a healthy condition.  Veterinary professionals provide invaluable service by ensuring that our beloved animals stay happy and healthy. 

Veterinarian assistants typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. Most employers prefer prior experience with animals. Most veterinarian assistants and laboratory animal caretakers receive on-the-job training for their specific duties. Earning a Vet Science certification is a fantastic way to get started.

A Vet Science certification is a great steppingstone to going to getting a job and preparing to go to college to become a vet and the Vet Science program at the ACE Center at Hermitage is a great 2-year program to start your education and hands-on training before you head to college to get your vet education.

ACE Centers Are Expanding Space And Programs

There are important changes happening at Workforce & Career Development. The ACE Centers are being renovated, classroom space is being expanded, programs moving to new locations, and new programs are being added, and a new Adult Education location is being added. In our latest podcast, we have guests that are going to explain these changes. Have a listen.–Season-5–Episode-1-Guests-Mac-Beaton-Director-of-Workforce–Career-DevelopmentCTE–Beverly-Cocke–Career-Specialist–Susan-Moore-Director-of-Public-Facilities-for-Henrico-County-e1t1n4n