Criminal Justice

criminaljusticecoverCRIMINAL JUSTICE I Course No. 8702


acecolorhswebvsacecolorhermemailAdvanced Career Education (ACE) Centers at Hermitage and Highland Springs

2 years – 6 high school credits and 6 college credits

State Course Name: Criminal Justice

criminal-justiceThis course is designed for juniors and seniors who are considering careers in criminal justice. Students will explore the occupations, activities, and procedures involved in the criminal justice system. An integral aspect of the program is the participation of local, state, federal, and private criminal justice/law enforcement agencies with demonstrations, field trips, and lectures. Major units of study include: crime prevention; search and seizure; juvenile justice system; court proceedings; criminal investigations; crime scene investigation; patrol procedures; security, private agencies; laws of arrest; criminology and law; criminal law and forensic science. Other related areas of Public Safety could include paramedic, rescue and firefighter training and careers.


  • Criminal Justice/CSI
  • Workplace Readiness

Criminal Justice I and II are dual credit courses through Reynolds Community College. Credits are earned toward completing a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Here are the courses covered:

CTE Criminal Justice I –  6 Credits

Reynolds/ Introduction into Criminal Justice – 3 Credits

Reynolds/ Criminal Law – 3 Credits

CTE Criminal Justice II – 6 Credits

Reynolds/ Criminal Procedures – 3 Credits

Reynolds/ Investigations – 3 Credits

After completing Criminal Justice I and II at CTE the 12 credits you earn from Reynolds Community College are equivalent to 1 semester toward your degree at Reynolds.

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