Sports Medicine I & II

sportsmedcoverSports Medicine I Course No. 7660

Sports Medicine II Course No. 7662

acecolorhermemail1 year – 3 credits – Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Hermitage

State Course Title: Sports Medicine

The sports medicine course is designed to provide eleventh and twelfth grade students with a strong foundation in the field of sports medicine/athletic training and other medical fields. Students will develop skills in the prevention, recognition, assessment, management, disposition, and rehabilitation of injuries. Students will learn the principles of designing exercise programs for healthy individuals and developing proper diets through the essentials of nutrition. Upon successful completion, students should be able to assess injuries and illnesses, provide immediate and long-term care, determine the outlook, and design a basic rehabilitation program.

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For questions please click here to email the Health & Medical Sciences Specialist.

 Click Here For Employment Outlook According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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