Nurse Aide

Health Services ICON100NURSE AIDE I Course No. 8360
NURSE AIDE II Course No. 8362

acecolorhermemail1 year – 3 highitshere200 school credits and with a dual enrollment option college credits – Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Hermitage

ACE @ Hermitage Instructors: A. Leonard, C. Pommert

State Course Title: Nurse Aide I, Nurse Aide II.

Nurse Aide is a technical course offered at the eleventh and twelfth-grade levels. Emphasis is given to the study of the nurse aide as partapplytoACEbutton200 of the health care system. Students study nutrition, geriatrics, body structure and function, and medical terminology. They are also introduced to disease processes and infection control. The course includes basic nursing skills such as communication and interpersonal relationships, CPR, first aid, and patient care. Clinical experience is provided in long-term care facilities. This course can be used as an introduction to practical nursing or to prepare the student for immediate employment in an entry-level certified nurse aide position.

A Nurse Aide is a person who is qualified to serve as a member of the health care team by assisting the nurse in long-term care and assisted living facilities. Being a nurse aide is a good step toward becoming a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.

Rising juniors and seniors enrolled in a Henrico County Public School may apply.

Students have the opportunity to become licensed in the following field(s):

  • Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

Dual Enrollment: 8 college credits with Reynolds Community College.

Certifications: Work Place Readiness

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