Event Planning and Tourism Marketing I and II

Human Services ICON100Event Planning and Tourism Marketing I No. 8139 1 year – 3 credits

Event Planning and Tourism Marketing II Course No. 8169 1 year – 3 credits

acecolorhermemailitshere200Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage

ACE @ Hermitage Instructor: Leslie Perry

State Course Title: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation I, Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation II


Are you looking for a rewarding and exciting career that combines creativity, communication, and travel? If so, you might want to consider event planning and tourism marketing as your dream job!

F8lgND2XMAAkm2zEvent planning and tourism marketing are two fields that involve designing, organizing, and promoting memorable experiences for people. Whether it’s a conference, a festival, a concert, a wedding, a cruise or a cultural tour, event planners and tourism marketers are the ones who make it happen.

DSC02123Event planning and tourism marketing are also careers that offer a lot of variety, challenges, and opportunities. You can work in different sectors, such as corporate, nonprofit, government, hospitality, or entertainment. You can specialize in different types of events or destinations, such as sports, arts, music, wellness, adventure, or luxury. You can also travel to different places and meet different people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Event planning and tourism marketing are careers that can make your dreams come true. Don’t miss this chance to turn your passion into your profession!

Year I – This course examines the components of marketing in the travel and tourism industry, including event planning. Students will develop or enhance competencies in the areas of communication, customer service, marketing, industry technology, economics, and management functions, and are provided with opportunities for hands-on, real-world applications.

Year II – This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at travel, tourism, destination marketing, and event planning. Students learn about business management, communications strategies, and the importance of sales and marketing in the travel and tourism industry. They will develop or enhance advanced competencies in the areas of human relations, finance, safety and environmental issues, industry-specific technology, promotional planning, and market research.

Students have the opportunity to become certified in the following area(s):

  • American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI)
  • Workplace Readiness

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CTENowlogo200WThis episode explores the importance of the Hospitality & Tourism industry to Richmond and the state of Virginia. Part of that importance is finding the right people to work in the industry and Mr. Cario talked about the importance of young people starting their careers with Hilton and how Henrico Career and Technical Education helps them. Have a listen to this great interview and find out about the interesting building that became the Hilton Richmond. Lifetime Richmonders will know what I am talking about. Click here to listen.