Advanced Global Marketing and Commerce

Course Code: 8136V

Co-op: Available

Duration: 36 weeks

Suggested Grade Levels: 12

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Global Marketing and Commerce, a specialized course for students with a career interest in international trade, builds upon concepts learned in Opportunities in Global Trade (8135). Economic and international trade concepts are reviewed, and the world environment of international trade is further explored. Students expand their knowledge about the impact of culture on international trade and continue their study of the legal and political aspects of international marketing. Global product strategies are examined. Concepts detailing entry into international markets, pricing strategies, international promotion, and marketing research are studied. Computer/technology applications supporting international marketing are explored. A review of skills and preparation required for careers in international marketing complete this course. Internships that provide “hands-on” opportunities in the international area may be available to students. Academic knowledge and skills (mathematics, science, English, and history/social science) related to the content are a part of this course. Computer/technology applications supporting this course are studied.

Certification test/s are available for this program. Please see your counselor or instructor if you have questions.