Economics & Personal Finance

Business Management and Technology ICON100Economics and Personal Finance– Grades 10-12

Course #6120

1 Credit/Required

36 Weeks- also available online


  • Explore financial literacy and economic education through practical experiences
  • Learn investment strategies for building a portfolio
  • Consider factors to establish credit and acquire loans

Students learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must face and to make informed decisions related to career exploration, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, taxes, saving, investing, buying/leasing a vehicle, living independently, and inheritance. Development of financial literacy skills and an understanding of economic principles will provide the basis for responsible citizenship and career success. Instruction in economics and personal finance prepares students to function effectively as consumers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs, and active citizens. Students learn how economies and markets operate and how the United States’ economy is interconnected with the global economy. On a personal level, students learn that their own human capital (knowledge and skills) is their most valuable resource.

In addition to developing personal finance skills, students in the 36-week course will also study basic occupational skills and concepts in preparation for entry-level employment in the field of finance. The course incorporates all economics and financial literacy objectives included in the Code of Virginia §22.1-200-03B.

Students will take the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification test. Click here for more information on this program.

***This course is a graduation requirement for all Virginia high school students.

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