Early Childhood Ed. & Svcs. I

Course Code: 8285

Co-op: Available

Duration: 36 weeks, 280 hours

Suggested Grade Levels: 11–12

Offered at Highland Springs Technical Center

Prerequisites: None

In Early Childhood Education and Services, students prepare to be primary providers of home-, family-, or institution-based child care services by focusing on the planning, organizing, and conducting of meaningful play and learning activities; child monitoring and supervision; record keeping; and referral procedures. Critical thinking, practical problem solving and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of early childhood education are emphasized. Practical experiences (e.g., on-site lab, local daycare centers, elementary schools, other institutions) under the supervision of the instructor are required. Students also prepare for continuing education leading to careers in early childhood fields (e.g., medical, social services, and education).Work-based learning methods of instruction are encouraged for this course.Students combine classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job training in an approved position with continuing supervision throughout the school year.
Recommended prerequisite(s): Introduction to Early Childhood, Education, and Services 8234/8233

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