Arts, A/V Technology and Communications

The Arts, A/V Technology and Communications career cluster is about flexing your creativity, design, writing, performing, and multimedia skills.  Prepare for careers from graphic design to broadcast journalism through a focus on advanced technologies used in venues including corporate boardrooms, hotels and convention centers, classrooms, and museums.

Technical writers, also called technical communicators, are responsible for helping others understand complex technical information or how to use technology products and their employment is expected to increase. Growth and changes in technology and electronics in the home and workplace will increase demand for technical writers. Photographers should see job prospects grow. Self-employed photographers will increase due to demands from individuals wishing to have portraits taken and corporations seeking photographs for marketing materials. Career prospects for producers and directors are expected to increase as a result of new content delivery methods – such as watching TV online or on a mobile device – and the popularity of reality television.

Middle School Courses

  1. Principles of Business Marketing: #IB6632

High School Courses

  1. Graphic Communications I & II: 8660, #8661 (ACE)
  2. Radio Broadcasting & Journalism: I & II: #8640, #8641 (ACE)
  3. Web Development / Programing I&II: #6680, #6681 (ACE)
  4. Advanced Drafting & Design: #8438
  5. Communication Systems: #8415
  6. Digital Visualization: #8459
  7. Imaging Technology: #8455
  8. Introduction to Game Design and Coding: #8400
  9. Introduction to Photography: #8474
  10. Web Design & Multimedia Technologies: #6632
  11. Video & Media Technology: #8497