Information Technology Courses


Business Management and Technology ICON100The Information Technology cluster uses your love of technology to learn how to design, develop and manage different types of software and hardware programs. Though this field requires a solid foundation in math itshere200and science as well as strong technical skills, there are careers in information technology in virtually every part of the economy.

Employment of computer and information research scientists is expected to increase. The demand for new and better technology will continue to grow, which will increase the employment of such workers. These professionals also will be needed to combat cyber-attacks, which are posing a larger threat to society. There should be a greater need for database administrators in the next decade. As companies store more data, these workers will be needed to manage the data so that analysts and stakeholders can understand it. Software developers also should see good job prospects. Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more popular, so software developers are increasingly needed to develop and upgrade mobile applications. Overall, more consumer products use software, which will drive the need for developers.

Informationtech175Information Technology Career Cluster PDF

Middle School Courses

  1. Digital Applications: #6617
  2. Discovering Business & IT: #6608
  3. Exploring Business Skills and Keyboarding: #6148
  4. Exploring Computer Science: #6670MS
  5. Introduction to Coding: #6607
  6. Introduction to Game Design and Coding: #6642MS

High School Course

  1. Computer Systems Technology I & II: #8622, #8623 (ACE)
  2. Cybersecurity Systems Technology I & II: #8628, #8629 (ACE)
  3. Exploring Computer Science: #6670
  4. Digital Applications: #6617
  5. Cybersecurity Fundamentals Honors: #6302

Do You Like…

  • Design and develop computer hardware, software, and systems?
  • Use your math and computer skills proficiently?
  • Pay attention to detail?
  • Use your problem-solving abilities to serve others?
  • Practice patience and stay on task?

Sample Careers

  • Web Designer or Webmaster
  • Network Administrator or Technician
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • Data Communications Analyst
  • Security or Database Administrator
  • Application Integrator
  • Computer or Game Programmer
  • Software Applications Architect
  • 3D Animator
  • Virtual Reality Specialist
  • Graphic Artist
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Technical Writer

High school certifications, licenses and related college majors:

High School/Industry CertificationsCertificate/LicenseCollege Degree Examples
CompTIA A+ Essentials 901Technical Writing
CompTIA A+ Practical Application 902Computer Science
Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A ExaminationComputer Systems Analyst
Information Technology
All CTE trade and industry classes offer the Workplace Readiness Skills Test

In Demand Careers

Education NeededOccupationMedian SalaryJob Growth
Over next 10 years
Job Openings
Projected over next 10 years
Associates DegreeWeb Developers$73,760 per year8% (Much faster than average)14,000
Associates DegreeComputer Support
$54,760 per year8% (Much faster than average)67,300
Degree or more
Database Administrators$93,750 per year10% (Much faster than average)12,800
Degree or more
Software Developers$107,510 per year22% (Much faster than average)316,000
Degree or more
Information Security
$99,730 per year31% (Much faster than average)40,900
Degree or more
Computer and Information Systems Managers$146,360 per year10% (Much faster than average)48,100

Student Leadership Organizations
The Technology Student Association (TSA) enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intra-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

Work-Based Learning
Work-Based Learning (WBL) is comprised of experiences related to students’ career interests, based on instructional preparation, and undertaken in partnership with local businesses or organizations. WBL enables students to apply classroom instruction in a real-world work environment. Work-Based Learning promotes Career Awareness, Career Exploration, and Career Preparation.

Career Ambassadors
The Career Ambassador Program offers high school seniors an opportunity to represent and share their experiences with career exploration and our CTE programs to prospective students and community supporters through elementary school Career Fairs, middle school Career Clubs, and district-wide events.