Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

The Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster uses your knowledge of mechanics, mathematics and design to work in careers you plan, manage and move everything from people to company products through a range of transportation services.  In this field, you are involved in the logistics of all modes of transportation from road to rail to air to water.

As people continue to rely on automobiles, more automotive service technicians will be needed to perform maintenance on vehicles. Many employers in the automotive field have a difficult time finding qualified technicians, so applicants with training or certifications should have better job prospects. The employment of airline and commercial pilots is expected to grow. Regional airlines and nonscheduled aviation services will provide the most job opportunities. Pilots seeking employment with major airlines will face strong competition and may require additional education and training.

Middle School Courses

No Courses at this time

High School Courses

  1. Auto Body Repair I & II: #8676, #8677 (ACE)
  2. Automotive Technology I & II: #8506, #8507 (ACE)
  3. Diesel Technologies I & II: #8613, #8614 (ACE)