Industrial and Engineering Technology ICON100DRAFTING I Course No. 8350

DRAFTING Architectural Course No. 8352itshere200

acecolorhswebvs2 years – 6 credits – Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs

Support The Tradesmain copyACE @ Highland Springs Instructor: K. Evans 

State Course Title: Drafting I, Drafting II.

applytoACEbutton200Drafting is an exciting course where students gain an understanding of how to create drawings using the latest CAD software. Students learn the fundamentals of drafting by producing working drawings. Students use a 3D printer to produce real models of their designs. The basics of animation are introduced to students allowing them to start creating complex virtual landscapes, models, and environments.

Major Units of Study
Computer-Aided Drafting is an integral part of each unit.

  1. Fundamentals of Technical Drawing/CAD
  2. Drafting Materials, Instruments and Equipment
  3. Dimensioning
  4. Architectural Drawing
  5. Mechanical Drawing
  6. Engineering Drawing
  7. Civil Engineering Drawing

IMG_1272During the second year, students build upon the first year’s skills to learn to create and solve more complex projects. The class focuses on architectural and engineering drawings and building construction, including residential and commercial architecture.

Students can become certified in the following area(s):

  • Technical Drafting

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