Computer Systems Tech. I & II



Offered at the Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs

2 years – 6 credits

State Course Title: Computer Systems Technology

Students who enjoy building, repairing, troubleshooting or tinkering around with PC computers, basic electronics and networking will love our class. It not only prepares them for real-world experience in the information technology field, but:

  • Students can take this program as a stand-alone, 1-year course and earn 3 High School credits; or complete the 2-year program for a total of 6 High School credits. This really helps their GPA!
  • Students are dual college-credit enrolled through ECPI University. Juniors enjoy earning 6 University credits with the instructor here in our classroom. Seniors are allowed to drive to the ECPI Innsbrook Campus every Friday and earn 6 more University credits. That’s a total of 12 FREE University credits!
  • SkillsUSA competitions are really fun and enjoyable for those who like a competitive edge. We host the annual District Skills USA competition in our computer lab, where Field Engineers, Network Administrators and Technology Entrepreneurs judge students within the district. We’ve made it to Nationals many times and place in the top 5 consistently!
  • Students prepare and sit for Industry Standard Certifications through companies for Microsoft and CompTIA which lead to IT Career Paths and Cisco Engineering.
  • Students experience Mock Interviews with vendors such as Federal Reserve Bank, GE Healthcare, ECPI University, HCPS Administrative Staff, etc.
  • Students participate in Job Shadowing which allows them to explore technology career options by spending time with a professional currently working in the field.
  • Students participate in a Work Experience Program during the 2nd semester as a senior.

Certification Tests

  • Microsoft Certifications such as Microsoft Technical Associate and Microsoft Certified Professional
  • CompTIA Certifications such as: IT Fundamentals, A+ , Net+ and Security+
  • Cisco Engineering for postgraduates

Students can become certified in the following industry fields once tests are completed:

CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals

For questions please click here to email the Pre-Engineering and Industrial Careers, Agricultural Education, and JROTC Specialist or visit their page here.

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logoComputer Systems Technology I and II are dual credit courses through ECPI University. Credits are earned toward completing a degree in Computer and Information Science, Associate of Science at ECPI. Here are the courses covered:

CTE Computer Technologies I –  3 Credits

  • ECPI University/EET250 Computer Configuration I – 3 Credits
  • ECPI University/EET 251 Computer Configuration II – 3 Credits

CTE Computer Technologies II –  3 Credits

  • ECPI University/CIS150 Networking I – 3 Credits
  • ECPI University/CIS225 Networking II – 3 Credits

Average tuition and fee cost with ECPI University $4,900 for 12 to 18 credit hours for a full-time student.

Cost to Henrico CTE student is $0

Cost of books is $0

For questions, please click here to email the Pre-Engineering and Industrial Careers, Agricultural Education, and JROTC Specialist.

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