Food Science and Dietetics

pagetitles-ACE Food ScienceHuman Services ICON100FOOD SCIENCE AND DIETETICS Course No. 8239

acecolorhermemail1years – 3 credits – Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center atitshere200 Hermitage

ACE @ Hermitage Instructor: Jonia Holley

State Course Name: Food Science and Dietetics Click link for detailed pdf descriptions.

Through laboratory and other practical experiences, students will develop a deeper appreciation for the food system and the impact of science on the food and nutrition industries. Students will explore food sources, the science andapplytoACEbutton200 technology of food production and processing, and the implications for individual and global health and wellness. Career opportunities are broad and include health care; dietetics; and food research, development, and manufacturing.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics click here.