2019/2020 School Year Classroom Pictures


Godwin Foods class celebrated homecoming week with chocolate-covered pretzels. Click here for photos. 10/15/2019




Educators Rising in Godwin’s homecoming parade.  Reaching out to our wonderful community. Click here for photos. 10/15/2019



The students in Mrs. Thompson Advanced Sports Marketing class got to spend some time with the US Army when they came to visit Varina High School today. At VHS the students know they have three options for after graduation. Enroll. Employment. Enlist. Through a collaboration with the Army, they got to experience life as a service person. They did training exercises, first aid drill training and sat in real Army vehicles. This was a great real-world experience. Click here for photos. 10/09/2019

Feeling the fall weather at Godwin. Foods class made apple cider donuts. Click here for photos. 10/08/2019



Godwins FCCLA had a great time at the state fair.  10/08/2019



Godwin’s Teachers For Tomorrow made scrunchies as a homecoming week fundraiser.  HUGE success and so much fun.  Click here for photos. 10/08/2019



Mr. Givens’ 7th grade business students at Hungary Creek MS using Little Bits for their independent coding projects. Click here for photos. Click here for a video.  10/08/2019

Friday, Oct. 4th, capped our CIT student’s two-day adventure at the 2019 VA Datathon. Minsol Kim, Kevin Du, Manasa Lagisetty, and Vidur Agaram wrapped up their analysis, built their pitch from it, practiced the pitch multiple times, listened to 16 other team’s pitches and finally had the opportunity to take the stage. They did a great job presenting their idea, Classroom Connection, an online learning place for students to take courses that they want to take but do not have access to in their own school. The responsive web app would work on any device from smartphone to desktop, feature a variety of courses with a variety of activities to fit a variety of student styles, and be supported by teachers with opportunities to connect and interact directly in real-time or through messaging.

While our CIT team did a great job, they did not make the podium. However, two of the three teams sponsored by Henrico County did win, taking first and third place. That’s pretty remarkable considering the competition included industry (international consulting powerhouse Booz Allen Hamilton, local consultants Impact Makers, analytic software and database provider Teradata), state and local governments (VA Dept of Health, VDot, Chesterfield County, a group from Hampton Roads, etc.), and college teams (VCU, George Mason) among others.

All in all the event was a great success! In a very short period of time, our students worked together to conceive, build, and pitch a product that they are proud of, while getting the experience of working with tools and data subject matter experts and alongside industry practitioners. They even managed to have fun, too!


It was a productive morning at the Library of Virginia for our 4 CIT Capstone Seniors participating in the Annual VA Datathon where this year’s theme is “Using Data and Analytics to Promote Equity in Education.” Opening remarks were provided by the State’s Chief Data Officer, Carlos Rivero, the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, and the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. James Lane. Mr. Rivero asked who was in the audience asking industry to raise their hands, then local governments to raise theirs, then having students stand up, and then singling out high school students. He then mentioned the Deep Run team that “won the datathon” a few years ago and implored the others to beware of the high school teams as they have won it all before.

There is a record number of 21 teams here participating including a few student teams here from Henrico. In addition to our team from the CIT, there are teams comprised of students from various other high schools that came together through a combination of the Secondary Math Specialist, Skip Tyler, and Director of Equity and Diversity, Dr. Monica Manns. Mr. Tyler suggested that based on interest and turn out, they may be thinking of doing a Henrico-focused education-themed datathon in the spring.

Attached are a few pictures of our CIT Students, Manasa Lagisetty, Kevin Du, Vidur Agaram, Minsol Kim. (“Planning with Anne Spencer” is my favorite!)
– “Awaiting Opening Remarks” – From Left to Right – Vidur, Minsol, Manasa, Kevin with Governor Northam walking in (blurry in background)
– “Observing Gov Northam’s Opening Remarks” – Kevin and Manasa listening to Gov Northam’s opening remarks at the datathon.
– “Planning with Anne Spencer” – From Left to Right – Kevin, Manasa, Vidur, and Minsol planning their solution with a picture of Anne Spencer looking on. (Per Wikipedia, Anne Spencer was an American Poet, teacher, civil rights activist, librarian, and gardener.
– “Ideating Part 2” – Manasa and Kevin in foreground, Vidur and Minsol closer to board – students working through their datathon solution ideas.

Click here for pictures. 10/07/2019


The best way to conduct unplugged game research is to PLAY the game! Ms. Coppola’s Intro to Game Design and Coding students at Holman Middle School are doing just that.  It’s a fun, dirty job but someone has to do it.  Their next step is to design their own unplugged game! Click here for more photos. 10/07/2019


Godwin Culinary Photo Challenge

Winning Picture: Class Vote

Godwin wants to challenge any foods- culinary class. Who takes the best “grammar” pic of lemon and water.  The students were given a lemon and they were to figure out the best way to photo. They learned knife skills, teamwork, problem-solving, creative thinking, time management, and loved it! Click here for photos. 09/27/2019



Guy Bar owns salons in a number of locations, including California, Florida and Italy. He also is an account executive for motivational program, Pretty in a Minute. The organization sends speakers to schools to encourage students to build the confidence to follow their dreams. Mr. Bar spoke to Cosmetology students In September. Click here for photos. 09/25/2019


Shannon M. Jean-Pierre is a professional make-up artist. She demonstrated make-up techniques for the Cosmetology class at The ACE Center at Highland Springs. Mrs. Jean-Pierre is a 2006 graduate of The ACE Center at Hermitage (Cosmetology) and owns her own company, Live Fancy Make-up. Here’s the site:   Click here for photos. 09/25/2019


Dr. Reveles, High Tech Academy program students are testing an exothermic reaction to release energy in the form of a spark or flash. The flash occurs because of mechanical energy (vigorously smacking one rusty cannonballs with another one covered in aluminum foil) causing iron oxide on the cannonballs to react with the aluminum metal, oxidizing the aluminum, reducing iron to pure metal and releasing heat in the form of light or a spark on what is known as thermite reaction. Click here for photos. Click here for videos one and two. 09/25/2019

Sharon Womble’s students from her Teachers for Tomorrow class are working on Brain games.  The students must move a set amount of toothpicks to solve the problem given.  Class discussion on learning styles and how to keep all students as active learners. Click here for photos. 09/23/2019




Pharmacy Technician students at the ACE Center at Highland Springs practice their skills. Click here for photos. 09/23/2019



The Vet II class at the ACE Center at Hermitage is fostering 2 female, black & white, special-needs kittens. Both are missing part of a back leg. They manage to get around pretty well, despite that. Click here for photos. 09/23/2019



Sharon Womble’s Foods and Wellness students are having a great time mixing, preparing, and cooking different foods. They are especially enjoying taking pictures of their food. Here is an excellent example of one student who Photoshopped himself into a picture of a marshmallow roll. I think they are having a lot of fun in this class as well as learning a lot from their teacher. 09/18/2019



Mrs. Thompson’s Varina HS Advanced Sports Marketing students are setting up equipment to start their YouTube Podcast. Students are excited! Their first televised production set for Tuesday. Visit and subscribe @ VHSSportsreactions. Click here for photos. 09/18/2019



Varina Culinary students provide 1st teacher lunch to the staff at John Rolfe Middle School! 09/18/2019





The students in the Child Development and Parenting program at Godwin High School used PlayDough to define the parts of the human brain. They then labeled the parts with at least 5 functions of each. They also researched 2 toys or games that would enhance each part. Playdough is great for calming down children, building small motor skills teaching colors, muscle control, and imagination building. Click here for photos. 09/17/2019

Brookland Middle School students in Autumn Honts 6th grade Discovering Business and IT class are playing a game called Kahoot. The game is about input and output devices and as you can see, her students are engaged and having a great time. Click here for pictures. 09/13/2019  #HenricoCTE #BrooklandMiddle #DiscoveringBusinessAndIT #HenricoBusinessEducation #HenricoSchools #WorkforceCareerDevelopment




Ms. Norris’s AP Computer Science Principles students at Deep Run High School creating a model of a new technology innovation that they came up with. #HenricoCTE #DRHSCIT #HenricoBusinessEducation #HenricoSchools #WorkforceCareerDevelopment   09/13/2019



Gordon and Lori  Taylor, owners of Firehouse Bar-B-Que and Smokehouse Grill, were serving some great BBQ at Henrico’s Central office today out of their food trailer. School employees feasted on BBQ pork and chicken.  Gordon and Lori were interviewed for Henrico CTE Now last school year after they spent part of a day visiting Varina High School’s Culinary class and taught them about smoking meat. Click here for their Podcast interview. Click here for their video when they visited Varina. The Taylor are great supporters of  Henrico Career and Technical Education.


On the first day of school Heather McMunn’s FACS class used speed dating interviews to get to know every student in their class. They also learned the kitchen layout and how to work together while dipping pretzels and strawberries in chocolate. Click here for photos. 09/12/2019


Mr. Givens’ Hungary Creek MS business students building aluminum foil boats in Intro to Coding class. The activity helps students develop/enhance their workplace readiness skills through critical thinking and peer collaboration. Click here for photos. 09/10/2019




Great morning out at @VHS_BlueDevils w/@amseelyeducator and fellow #CTE Ts & Ss, where I had the chance to begin year 13 where I got my start!@HenricoCTE  Click here for photos. 09/09/2019



Ms. Linas and her 🎥 Ss @ Freeman HS are prepping to do their LIVE stream of DSF announcements tomorrow! Big things happening for her #cte program this year – stay tuned!📺🎥 #GoRebels @HenricoCTE @DSFMrMarshall. Click here for photos. 09/09/2019



First Day at The ACE Center at Highland Springs. Click here for photos. 09/09/2019




First Day At The ACE Center At Hermitage. Click here for photos. 09/09/2019


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