2nd Annual HBAR Student Conference

Students from Henrico, and surrounding counties, visited with many different trade companies at the Home Builders Association of Richmond Student Conference and were able to participate in demonstrations of many different trade skills. This year’s event was at Richmond Raceway! Trade skills, allows civilization to exist. Click here for photos.

Godwin challenges Chef Ferris to another challenge

We loved your pictures of the lemon and water challenge. Foods and Wellness students created a fall image with M & M’s and water. The key to the picture was timing. The Witches Pot was our winner!

Life Ready Expo

Students in grades 7-12 and their families can find out more about a variety of career and educational pathways Oct. 22 at CTE’s first Life-Ready Expo. The event will be held at the Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage. Talk with employers about career opportunities and the total value of their pay and benefits. Learn…

Godwin Culinary Photo Challenge

Godwin wants to challenge any foods- culinary class. Who takes the best “grammar” pic of lemon and water.  The students were given a lemon and they were to figure out the best way to photo. They learned knife skills, teamwork, problem-solving, creative thinking, time management, and loved it! Click here for more photos.

High Tech Academy Students Light Up The Room With Exothermic Reactions

Dr. Reveles, High Tech Academy program students are testing an exothermic reaction to release energy in the form of a spark or flash. The flash occurs because of mechanical energy (vigorously smacking one rusty cannonball with another one covered in aluminum foil) causing iron oxide on the cannonball to react with the aluminum metal, oxidizing…

The Vet 2 Class Is Fostering Kittens Again This Fall

The Vet II class at the ACE Center at Hermitage is fostering 2 female, black & white, special-needs kittens. Both are missing part of a back leg. They manage to get around pretty well, despite that. Click here for photos.