Certification Testing

CTE has enthusiastically embraced the High Stakes Credentialing Initiative, and we will continue to assess and improve our testing procedures. We believe students who earn one or more external credentials have a distinct advantage in entering their chosen field of employment and/or in continuing their career preparation through higher education.

In addition to adding value to a student’s résumé for obtaining entry-level positions in today’s technical job market, credentials provide the following benefits to students:

  • evidence that the student has completed advanced educational preparation by verifying competency in career and technical education skill areas in demand by business and industry;
  • increased job opportunities for advancement in a chosen career path;
  • enhanced self-esteem for students through achieving national occupational competency standards recognized by business and industry; and may earn verified credit (VC) for passing credential tests.

Click here to visit the Virginia Department of Education’s Industry Certification page.

If you would like to get information on industry credentialing performance trends you can click here to see information over the past few years. The report summarizes statewide demographics and student performance.

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