Preparing #LifeReady Graduates

3esnoCircle copyWork Based Learning experiences allow students to further develop their 6 Cs – Communication, Critical Thinker, Creative Thinker, Collaborator, Quality Character, Global Citizen -all vital skills employers are looking for in the workplace. According to a recent U.S. broadcasting 150study, 73% of employers perceived that it was “very or somewhat difficult” to find qualified candidates for jobs, and about 34% said schools have not properly prepared students for employment.

robotics 150What is more alarming, the same study showed that 1 in 3 students surveyed believed their education had not adequately prepared them for the workplace.

nursing 150Work -Based Learning experiences address the skills gap and give students the opportunity to practice these skills while providing them with real-life work experiences related to their coursework and develop their employability.

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