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What is a Career Cluster?

What are Career Clusters and Career Pathways?

A career cluster is a grouping of careers and broad industries based on the skills they have in common. Henrico CTE’s classes and programs all fit under the 17 Career Clusters. Each student will acquire marketable skills, industry-recognized credentials, and eventually essential careers. Within each career cluster, multiple career pathways represent a common set of skills and knowledge, both academic and technical, necessary to pursue a full range of career opportunities within that pathway. Based on the skill sets taught, all Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are aligned with one or more career clusters and career pathways.

What do Career Clusters Do?

79 Career Pathways from 16 Career Clusters

Henrico CTE Clusters: Connecting High School to College and Career

Henrico Career and Technical Education Clusters deliver relevant and rigorous academic and technical experiences in:

CTE will prepare you for more than a good-paying job. It’s the beginning of a career path. Most jobs today require post-secondary, advanced technical training. CTE meets that need!


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