Summer Building Trades

Summer Building Trades is returning for the summer of 2022!

Click here to download the flyer

itshere200The Summer Building Trades Program lets students experience what it means to help build a house from ground to roof for 6 weeks during the summer. During this time they can get experience in masonry, electricity, carpentry, plumbing, and HVAC while building an actual house that was started by other students from the two Advanced Career Education Centers (ACE) during the regular school year. This year they could be working on building out our new classes for our project at Regency Square Mall.

Henrico’s Career & Technical Education is able to provide students with this opportunity because of the hard work of the Henrico County Vocational/Technical Education Foundation. The mission of the foundation and our House Building Project is to provide real-life, hands-on experience to students involved in the housing industry and associated programs in Henrico County Public Schools. To find out more about the foundation please click here. 

The Summer Building Trades Program helps students work together and teaches them the basic skills, with the help of our instructors, to build a house that a family will be able to live in one day. Once these students complete this program it is our hope that they will want to sign up in the future with one of our trades programs at one of the ACE Centers to learn a specific skill trade in their junior and senior year in high school and earn a certification in that trade. Either way, these students will take away skills and experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Take this fun course and earn one high school credit while learning about:

Electricity •  Masonry  •  Carpentry  •  Heating/Air Conditioning

This year we are using an online form for our application process which can be accessed through PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Ask your counselor

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  1. Monica Manns says:

    I would like to register my son but no flyer is attached.


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      I am sorry but the Summer building Trade program filled in 3 days.


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