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pagetitles-CTESPoly400Summer Polytech for rising sixth- through 12th-graders is being offered for the summer of 2022. All summer program information is available through the Henrico Public School’s website. Please click here.

itshere200Henrico County Workforce and Career Development
Presents CTE Summer Polytech for rising sixth- through 12th-graders

June 21-July 7, 2022 (3 weeks)
8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
No classes on Fridays or Monday, July 4th

summerpoly2021300All classes are In-Person

Registrations will not be processed before April 11, 2022.

The withdrawal deadline is June 17, 2022, by 3:00PM.

Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage
8301 Hungary Spring Road
Henrico, Va. 23228

Register online for courses at the ACE Center at Hermitage
Make an online payment.

Advanced Career Education Center at Highland Springs
100 Tech Drive
Highland Springs, Va. 23075
Register for courses at the ACE Center at Highland Springs.
 Make an online payment.

Tuition is $50 per course. Only Henrico County residents may enroll in Summer Polytech.

Summer Polytech has an attendance requirement. Once a student misses two days of a credited class, he or she will be removed from the class. No credit is earned, and tuition is forfeited.

Transportation by HCPS will begin on June 21, the first day. Bus schedules will be sent via email on or before June 18. Be sure that your email address is clearly written on the registration form. Students will be picked up from and returned to the elementary school you list on the registration form.

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration with payment or receipt, if you pay online, needs to be received before your student will be registered in a course.

Applications will not be processed before April 12. Rising 9th-12th grade students will be able to receive 0.5 credits from the three-week course. Rising sixth-eighth grade students will not receive credit.

The withdrawal deadline is June 17, 2022, by 3:00PM.

Rising Ninth-12th Grade Students – 0.5 Credit
ACE Center at Hermitage
Rising Ninth-12th Grade Students – 0.5 Credit
ACE Center at Highland Springs
●      Automotive Technology
●      Barbering
●      CAD and 3-D Animation
●      Cosmetology
●      Culinary Arts
●      Diesel Technologies
●      Graphic Communications
●      Greenhouse
●      Legal & Medical Systems
●      Nursing
●      Sports Medicine
●      STEM and Precision Machining
●      Veterinary Science
●      Web Development and Programming
●      Welding
Rising Sixth-Eighth Grade Students – No Credit
●      Automotive Technology
●      Cosmetology
●      Criminal Justice
●      Veterinary Science

For classes at the ACE Center at Hermitage, send registration with payment (or receipt, if you paid online) to the ACE Center at Hermitage.
Summer Polytech 
8301 Hungary Spring Road
Henrico, VA 23228
Make checks payable to:
“ACE Center at Hermitage”
Registration link for ACE Center at Hermitage 
Online payment link
Rising Ninth-12th Grade Students – 0.5 Credit
●      Auto Body Repair
●      Automotive Technology
●      Computer Systems Technology
●      Cosmetology
●      Creation Station
●      Criminal Justice
●      Early Childhood Education and Services*
●      High Tech Academy
●      Masonry
●      Pharmacy Tech
Rising Sixth-Eighth Grade Students – No Credit
●      Cosmetology
●      Early Childhood Education and Services*
●      Electricity and Cabling
●      Hospitality, Tourism & Catering
●      Nursing
●      Radio Broadcasting and Journalism

For classes at the ACE Center at Highland Springs, send registration with payment (or receipt, if you paid online) to the ACE Center at Highland Springs.
Summer Polytech
100 Tech Drive
Highland Springs, VA 23075
Make checks payable to:
“ACE Center at Highland Springs”
Registration link for ACE Center at Highland Springs 
Online payment link

Course Descriptions for rising ninth-12th graders (Lists for 9th – 12th and  6th – 8th listed above)

Auto Body Repair introduces students to aspects of automotive body repair including minor body repair and proper use of the tools of the trade.

Automotive Technology introduces students to the many fields related to the automotive service industry, including engine and brake repair.

Barbering teaches students the basics of hair, scalp, and skincare. Students practice on mannequins to hone their new skills and discover what it takes to operate a barbershop.

Computer Systems Technology is an introductory program for students who enjoy building, repairing, or troubleshooting PC computers, basic electronics, and networking. Students will also be introduced to various computer applications.

Computer-Aided Drafting and 3-D Animation is an introductory course where students gain an understanding of how to create drawings, 3-D models, and animations using the latest CAD software.

Creation Station explores the various classes offered at the ACE Center through a creative writing lens. Students will confront real-world issues in the selected career paths to build problem-solving strategies and create authentic solutions.

Cosmetology teaches students the foundation of the professional care of the hair, skin and nails. Students will practice techniques needed to perform these services in a salon setting environment.

Criminal Justice explores the world of modern law enforcement. Learn to use police equipment to solve crimes and keep order. Topics include crime scene investigation, using police tactical gear, fingerprinting and common patrol tactics.

Culinary Arts students participate in creative activities related to following recipes and cooking. Learn basic culinary techniques, menu planning and explore culinary careers.

Diesel Technologies introduces students to the fundamentals of diesel equipment technology. Learn the basics of diesel vehicles such as fire trucks, school buses and ambulances.

Early Childhood Education and Services is ideal for students interested in pursuing the field of education, especially those who have a passion for working with younger children. Students will work directly with preschool-aged children enrolled at Springer Preschool Academy.

Electricity & Cabling is designed to introduce students to electricity-related occupations. Basic principles of electricity are stressed with emphasis on residential wiring.

Graphic Communications is designed to introduce students to the world of printing. Learn techniques to manage and control production printing using 21st-Century skills and develop digital composition and printing skills, wide format printing, and collation/binding operations.

Greenhouse students will learn the principles of growing seeds to have flowers and food. Propagation techniques will also be learned. Gardening will become a skill you develop that will serve you well.

High Tech Academy introduces students to a multidiscipline program offering math, science and engineering. Students work in teams to solve problems incorporating advanced mathematics and science.

Legal/Medical Systems Administration is an introductory course for students who want to be legal or medical office workers or specialize in other fields in a legal or medical environment. Students develop skills that prepare them for employment in a variety of legal and medical office environments.

Masonry students learn to use, care for, and handle safely the tools, machines, equipment and materials commonly used in the masonry trade.

Nurse Aide is an introduction to nursing, focusing on basic nursing skills such as communication, CPR, first aid and patient care.

STEM and Precision Machining introduces students to the world of STEM through activities using machining technology. Students learn to layout and produce projects using a variety of industry-standard tools and equipment.

Pharmacy Technician introduces students to the skills needed to assist pharmacists in the delivery of health care services to clients in a variety of settings.

Students in this summer Sports Medicine course will spend four weeks learning skills to swim for life. Beginning with blowing bubbles, they will be tested on various swimming skills, with the goal of learning various swimming techniques. Advanced students will have the opportunity to learn the skills of lifeguarding and become certified at the completion of the course. They must meet all the testing and skill requirements in order to receive their certification.

Web Development & Programming is designed to engage students in understanding the foundation of creating dynamic, visually appealing websites. Students will explore the fundamentals of front-end web development and create their own web page by considering the layout, responsive pages, dynamic content & more. Students will examine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages & how they all work together to create beautiful, purpose-driven web pages

Welding introduces students to basic welding techniques. Create items using the skills learned and explore options for careers in welding.

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  1. How do I register my daughter if she attends bordering school during the school term and is not officially enrolled in the school system but we live in Henrico?

  2. hello i live in Midlothian and i and my sister want to join polytech course can we take the course here and what is the last date to register for summer classes? and the timings will be 8 to 1pm for all the classes?

  3. My son took the sports medicine course last Summer (2018) at Hermitage, and he believes that a part 2 session is available for this year’s Summer Academy. Is that the case, or is it a repeat of the introduction class?

    1. Sorry but all the Summer Polytech programs are sample sizes of our 11th and 12th grade programs we have at our two ACE Centers during the school year. All students are eligible to sign up for those programs their sophomore year. Here is a link for more information:
      Thank you

  4. Is there a waitlist for the programs? I have a rising 6th grader and we just received the informational email last week. I tried to register her for the middle school veterinary assistant and it was full.

  5. I would like to register my daughter (rising 7th grader) for the Veterinary Assistant program, but the link to the registration page is down. Is there another way I can register her? Please let me know today if possible. Many thanks

  6. I registered my child last week with the online registration form and paid online, too. I have not received any enrollment confirmations or anything. Please help.

  7. Are there any classes still open for highland springs area? I just received Infirmation last week and would like to enroll my boys.

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