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MajorClarity Is Here

MajorClarity, Inc., is an educational software company providing career exploration and academic-planning services to 1,500+ schools nationwide. MajorClarity unifies academic planning and career readiness for schools and students, helping ensure that every student’s education leads to a successful career outcome.

MajorClarity is a career exposure and academic planning platform primarily used for grades 6-12, meant to promote active student engagement and exploration. Find out more about this company and how their tools will be helping Henrico County Public School students beginning this fall by listening to the Henrico CTE Now podcast on Aug. 24th after 11am. You can find the Henrico CTE Now podcast on your favorite podcast venue or visit, https://anchor.fm/henrico-cte. Visit Major Clarity’s website by clicking here.

Latest Podcasts, Colonial Webb

Our latest episode, we have a talk with four amazing and very successful women working at four very different careers at Colonial Webb.

So many companies these days are having trouble finding people to fill essential careers with their businesses. This shortage has many causes but creative solutions are emerging to help fill those positions. When you talk to successful people it is interesting to listen to how they became successful. It is not always according to plan. It is not always a straight line to get there. Have a listen to these women as they talk about their journey to success with a great company.

Henrico CTE can help students discover these career paths to make successful adults.

2021 Summer Polytech will begin registration April 12th, 2021!

Henrico County Workforce and Career Development
Presents CTE Summer Polytech for rising sixth- through 12th-graders


June 21-July 8, 2021
8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
No classes on Friday. No class July 5.

Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage
8301 Hungary Spring Road
Henrico, Va. 23228

Register online for courses at the ACE Center at Hermitage
Download registration form. | Make an online payment.

Advanced Career Education Center at Highland Springs
100 Tech Drive
Highland Springs, Va. 23075
Register for courses at the ACE Center at Highland Springs.
Download registration form. | Make an online payment.

Tuition is $50 per course. Only Henrico County residents may enroll in Summer Polytech.

Summer Polytech has an attendance requirement. Once a student misses two days of a credited class, he or she will be removed from the class. No credit is earned and tuition is forfeited.

Transportation by HCPS will begin on  June 21, the first day. Bus schedules will be sent via email on or before June 18. Be sure that your email address is clearly written on the registration form. Students will be picked up from and returned to the elementary school you list on the registration form.

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration with payment or receipt, if you pay online, need to be received before your student will be registered in a course.

Applications will not be processed before April 12. Rising ninth-12th grade students will be able to receive 0.5 credits from the three-week course. Rising sixth-eighth grade students will not receive credit.

The withdrawal deadline is June 18, 2021, by 3 p.m.

Click here for all information including registration and course offerings.

Have you had a chance to listen to the Henrico CTE Now Podcast?

The Henrico CTE Now podcast has become an international source about the importance of career and technical education to students and the companies that are looking to hire them. With over 25 countries listening and over 50 episodes you will have a chance to listen to us interview students, parents, school administrators, business leaders and entrepreneurs about the importance of career and technical education for college students and students moving to the world of work. Henrico CTE goal is to have every student enrolled in college, enlisted in the military, or employed in the career of their choice. You can find the Henrico CTE Now podcast is available on must podcast venues or you can visit our page here. https://henricocte.com/parents/cte-podcast/

It is Women in Construction Week/Month!

Women in Construction Week brings attention to the growth of women joining the construction industry. Join Henrico Career and Technical Education as we celebrate women in the construction industry for the entire month of March.

With the decline of new workers joining the trades for the past decades, it is easy to realize the importance of promoting women to join the construction trades.

In the past, it has been assumed that the construction industry was just for men but that has been disproven with the steady growth of women joining the industry. Women have joined into all aspects of the industry from laborers to business owners and are making their presence known and continuing to break new ground and showcase their achievements.

Women in Construction, it’s not just a week. It’s the future of the industry. Learn the skills that allow civilization to exist.

To find out more about women in construction check out these resources.

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) 

National Association of Women in Construction, RVA Chapter