CTE Business Advisory Council

The mission of the CTE Business Advisory Council is to advise, support and promote opportunities to contribute to the success of the Career and Technical Education program. Our council is comprised of Business & Industry leaders enabling us to advise CTE Staff of the most current and upcoming needs and standards throughout the business and industry workforce. We provide direct support to the students through our workplace readiness training initiatives to encourage and produce strong interviewing, resume writing and basic workplace readiness skill sets. In our efforts to promote CTE, it is our goal to ensure that every parent and student in Henrico County Public Schools will know the values and benefits of the CTE Programs. The BAC believes in the mission, students and staff of Henrico County CTE, and through our combined efforts, we are always working to promote and provide the best opportunities for our highly skilled students as they transition into post-secondary education and the workforce.

Susan Brooks, President of CTE Business Advisory Council

KSB, Inc.
Training & Recruitment Coordinator


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