Why CTE?

Technological advances and global competition have changed the nature of work. Jobs today require high-tech knowledge and advanced technical skills. Work and learning will be integral parts of your life as you pursue your personal pathway to success.

Study, Plan, and Prepare for Life After High School

Career and Technical Education provides you with the technical skills and academic knowledge you will need to prepare for life after high school—future employment and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education.

  • Prepare for your future by exploring careers and
  • Acquire job specific skills through
  • Technical training,
  • Hands-on learning and participation in
  • Work-based learning activities. While obtaining
  • Advanced technical training
  • You can receive college credit while in high school,
  • Saving you time and money.
Is CTE Right for You?

Henrico County Career and Technical Education programs have strong ties to business and industry. These partnerships will allow you to step out of the classroom and into the real world, where you can gain a better understanding of the job skills required for your career. These programs are often short-term, hands-on, and cover a broad range of subjects. As you participate in CTE and Career Pathways, you will acquire the skills necessary for entry into well-paid careers with:

  • High potential for rapid financial growth;
  • Increased levels of responsibility; and a
  • High degree of personal satisfaction
What does it mean to be part of CTE?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) gives high school students, the chance to get a head start on preparing for college and careers. In CTE programs you will learn how core school subjects like math, science and writing are used in real-life. As a CTE student you have the opportunity to participate in hands-on training in your chosen program and gain real-world experience through job shadows and internships. Many programs offer you the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications which you can use to get a job that will help you pay for college or start of your career straight out of high school!

How many classes do I have to take?

For most CTE programs, in addition to taking all the required CPS core courses, you will take two CTE courses.
Junior year: In your junior year, you will take the training-level course in your program. In this course you will gain more advanced technical skills used in the field.
Senior year: The last class you will take in your program is in your senior year. This class is meant to be an advanced training course that will build on the knowledge and skills you have gained in the previous two years. During this course you will earn certifications, participate in scholarship competitions and hold an internship, earn industry recognized certifications and attend a job shadow..


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