Human Services

The Human Services cluster uses your skills in communication and problem solving to provide support to families and individuals with services from working in early childhood care to providing mental health services for older adults. This diverse Career Cluster allows you to work in a variety of settings including health care, spas, schools, and community centers.

It is expected that more social workers will be needed in the coming years.  There should be an even greater need for mental health and substance abuse social workers. This is partly due to the fact that drug offenders are increasingly being sent to treatment programs, as opposed to jail, where they are treated by social workers.  The massage therapy industry also should see a boost in workers. In recent years the popularity of massage clinic franchises has increased, offering consumers more affordable massages, and increasing the need for massage therapists. Job prospects will be better for massage therapists who are licensed in states that require it. However, professionals entering the field should also be aware that it takes time to build a client base.

Middle School Courses

  1. Independent Living: #8219
  2. Teen Living 6 (FACS Exploratory I): #8206
  3. Teen Living 7 (FACS Exploratory II): #8263
  4. Teen Living 8(FACS Exploratory II): #8245

High School Courses

  1. Barbering I & II & III: #8740, #8741, #8742 (ACE)
  2. Cosmetology I & II & III: #8527, #8528, #8529 (ACE)
  3. Child Development and Parenting: #8231, #8232
  4. Life Planning: #8227
  5. Nutrition and Wellness: #8229, #8228
  6. Relationships (Family Relations): #8225, #8223