Advanced Career Education Center Recruitment


Every year in the fall, CTE visits 10th-grade students to inform them about our 30 different programs offered at our two Advanced Career Education Centers (ACE). All 10th graders are able to VISIT our ACE Centers. APPLY to take one of our programs in their junior and senior years. Then ACCEPT our invitation to take one of our programs if chosen. All of our programs are about getting students college and career-ready. Every class provides one or a combination of college credits, industry certifications, or state licenses. So, plan and prepare for college and or your career after college or high school.

Students can VISIT our two ACE Centers and see two programs at each center where they can talk to the teacher and students in the program to find out more about the program and see if it is a good fit for the student. Visitation forms are provided to each student wanting to visit. It is not mandatory for a student to visit one or both ACE Centers. The visitation forms must be signed by a parent to get permission for them to leave school for half the day for each of the schools that are visited. Visiting is not a commitment to take one of our programs. We are just looking to give students as much information as they want to determine if they want to take one of our programs. Think of our classes as a super elective. Especially since it will take the place of 3 of your traditional electives. That means one class with us is the equivalent of 3 high school electives. One class, three credits, three grades on your high school report card.

Now once students have visited and investigated up to four programs, hopefully, they are ready to APPLY for one of the programs that best fit their goals whether it’s for their personal knowledge or college or career goals. The application is showing each student’s commitment to attend one of our one- or two-year programs. After the first of the year, the teachers of these programs will determine who they think will be the best students for their program.

In the early spring, students will start receiving their letters asking them if they will ACCEPT their invitation to attend an ACE Center program they applied for. Please accept and start preparing yourself for a successful future and welcome to CTE Life!