CTE Program Highlights



The 17 Career Clusters help students investigate careers and design their plan of study to advance their career goals. Within each cluster, there are multiple career pathways that represent a common set of skills and knowledge, including academic, technical, and career readiness skills that lead to credentials necessary to pursue a full range of career opportunities from entry level to management, including technical and professional career specialties. CTE actively partners with business and industry to design and provide high-quality , dynamic programs to meet current, emerging, and projected labor market needs. Relevant work-based learning opportunities and leadership development offered through career and technical student organizations, are incorporated into the academic and career plan.

Virginia Career and Technical Education: Program Highlights 2016-17 (PDF) – summarizes statewide demographics and student performance.

Virginia’s Credentialing Performance Trends (PDF) – connects the value of earning industry credentials and degrees with fulfilling employer needs in high-wage high-skill, and high-demand jobs.

Virginia’s Credentialing Initiative (PDF) – provides a snapshot of the number of industry credentials earned by students in career and technical education over the past several years.

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