Architecture & Construction

The Architecture and Construction cluster is about using your skills in design, planning and management to work in careers building and maintaining structures such as buildings, homes, bridges, or machinery. Work opportunities include developing new structures, restorations, additions, alterations, and repairs. Construction is the pathway with the highest number of employment opportunities.

Civil engineers – who work on construction projects in the public and private sector – should see prospects grow due to many factors, including the need to upgrade aging infrastructure and an increase in renewable energy projects. Carpenters also should see favorable job prospects.  As the population grows, more homes will need to be built, which will drive the need for carpenters. Home remodeling needs also will drive the demand for carpenters. An increase in construction jobs over the next decade should increase the need for architects. Architects with strong technical skills and knowledge of sustainable, or “green,” design will have better job prospects.

Middle School Courses

No Courses at this time

High School Courses

  1. Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Plumbing I & II: #8503, #8504 (ACE)
  2. CAD- Computer-Aided Drafting/3D Animation I & II: #8530, #8531 (ACE)
  3. Carpentry I & II: #8601, #8602 (ACE)
  4. Architectural Drawing/Design/CAD: #8437
  5. Construction Technology: #8432
  6. Masonry I & II: #8512, 8513