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ACE Center Application Process Updates Coming Soon! Look at the dates for a reference only.

We are thrilled that you are interested in attending the Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center!  Our application process will open on November 16th, 2020! We hope you will return and sign up then. Until our process is open please read through the details and dates below.

Read the directions and timeline below to get your ACE Center application started! If at any time you need assistance, please contact the ACE Center you are applying to for help (contact numbers are listed below).

 Student Application Directions

  1. Students will select the appropriate application based on their grade level:
    Grade Level Application Link
    Class of 2022 and 2023 

    (Current 10th & 11th graders) 
    Class of 2025 

    (Current  8th graders)
  2. ACE Center Application Link in Spanish: Click here
  3. ACE Center Application Link in Arabic: Click here
  4. Once you are ready to begin, click on the link above that matches your grade level. Be sure that you are logged into your HCPS google account. NOTE: If you were accepted as an 8th grade student to the ACE Center there is no need to reapply. Check your ACE Center Schoology Group for directions about next steps or contact Ms. Bishop – djbishop(at)
  5. Next, complete your personal contact information and school information. Take your time and double check your email address and contact phone numbers for accuracy before moving to the next page. 
  6. On page 2, first, you will select the ACE Center you’re applying to based on the home high school you attend. To verify which center you should apply to based on the program and school – use 
  7. Secondly, on page 2, identify the program you are applying to. 
  8. At the end of this section on page 2, you will communicate your wishes should you not be selected during the first round of the application process. Students may select to remain on a waiting list of the program they’ve selected OR they can select an alternative program of interest to be considered for. 
  9. In the last section of this application, students will complete a series of questions that are intended to communicate your interests and goals. These responses will be used to score the application to determine the students’ fit at the ACE Center. Teachers will score the responses using a rubric ( Students are encouraged to review this rubric prior to responding and submitting your application to ensure your responses reflect how you are hoping to score. Note: Scores will not be shared with applicants or families. 
  10. Once you are satisfied with your responses, you will submit your application. Remember, there is only ONE submission per student. 
  11. If you apply more than once, you’re most recent application will be the only one considered.
  12. Congratulations, you have now officially applied to the ACE Center!


October 20th – Information Session is posted to the SC website

October 28thOpen House for ACE Center at Highland Springs 

October 29thOpen House for ACE Center at Hermitage 

November 16th – Application is available online on the Specialty Center and CTE websites

January 15th – Application deadline for 8th-grade students

February 15th Application deadline for first round of 10th & 11th grade students.

February 24th Application re-opens. All applications submitted after this date will be placed on a waiting list and will be reviewed/notified on a rolling basis as openings become available after March 19th. Students who have already applied do NOT need to reapply, they should contact their home school counselor to learn about which programs have openings. First time applicants should apply for consideration to the open programs.

March 19th 10th & 11th grade students will be notified via email of acceptance status for the first round of applications.

March 19th – Eighth-grade students submit acceptance notification to Mrs. Bishop (ACE Center at Hermitage Associate Principal)…details of how to do so will be explained in the March 19th email. High school students (10th or 11th grade) must notify their home school counselor if they are declining the acceptance to the ACE Center.

*All waitlist and alternative program selection applications will be notified on a rolling basis as openings become available.

April 16th  Eighth-grade students will be added to a Schoology group for the “ACE Center Class of 2025” (This group is used to communicate with the students about events that will take place during their freshman and sophomore years.)

NOTE: New applications will NOT be accepted after the first 2 weeks of the beginning of a school year. Students enrolling after this time have typically missed the equivalent to 15 class periods of a standard course and have a hard time catching up. 

 Contact Information

ACE Center at Hermitage – 804-756.3020

Kevin Hurley, Counseling Director –

ACE Center at Highland Springs – 804-328.4075

Paula Harris, Counseling Director –

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Joseph Elionai says:

    Dear Sir
    How can I obtain admission for M-1 international high school to take Vocational course in the center


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      Are you a Henrico County student who is already enrolled in a area high school?


  2. Asir Taha says:

    When is the due date for the High Tech Academy application?


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      All ACE Center applications including HTA, are due by Jan 18th 2017.


  3. Shoa Durant says:

    Due to the weather effecting the visitation schedule. Is there a new application deadline?


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      We are still taking applications for classes that have not been filled. Please give them to to a student counselor and they will put it in the system. What class were you interested in. You can email your response to Thanks


  4. DeShaun clarke says:

    I am looking for an opportunity here DeShaun c


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      Which high school are you enrolled in. We are currently visiting all 10th graders about our programs they can sign up for now and begin attending in their junior year.


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