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ReShawn Garnett
ReShawn and Mike recording from the palatial studio at Henrico CTE Headquarters.

Henrico Career & Technical Education has a podcast! The CTE Now Podcast will address topics important to students, parents, and businesses looking to hire well educated and trained students from our programs. We will have a range of topics and guests that profile the importance of career and technical education in Henrico County Public Schools. I hope that everyone will subscribe through their favorite podcast service. We will have a new episode every other Tuesday.

Mike Roberts

Our podcasts are hosted by ReShawn Garnett and Mike Roberts. ReShawn produces all the videos for Henrico CTE and Mike manages all website and social media for the Henrico’s Career & Technical Education Department (CTE).

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CTE Now Podcast Episode #6 at the offices of Virginia Asphalt Association

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Episode 16: Guest Rai Beasley, Parent and Supporter Of Henrico CTE, Click here
We were privileged to have Rai Beasley visit us today at CTE Now headquarters to talk to us about why he thinks Henrico CTE is important to the students of Henrico County. Mr. Beasley is a very active citizen of Henrico County. He has on many occasions spoken in front of the Henrico County School Board on many subjects and he and is wife are very active in the community. Their son was a student at the CTE, Advanced Career Education Centers, and according to Mr. Beasley, that experience made a huge impact on his son.

Episode 15: Guest Dr. Pierre Tulowitzki, Click here
Pierre Tulowitski, a professor from Ludwigsburg University visited with us and was able to experience many of our summer programs such as Summer Building Trades, Summer Polytech, our House Building Program, Signing Day and more. Professor Tulowitski teaches the German postgraduate program INEMA, an International Education Leadership, and Management program and is currently a Professor in Residence at the University of Richmond. Before he returned to Germany he was nice enough to join us for a CTE Now Podcast. We talk to him about his CTE visit and about the German education system related to career education compared to the Henrico’s Career & Technical Education.

Episode 14: Guest, Bobbie Southerd , Debbie Kelo, PHD, and Ted Quinn, Click here
For today’s podcast we are meeting with CTE’s Sports Medicine instructor, Bobbie Southerd, Debbie Kelo, director of programs at SwimRVA and Tedd Quinn, director of safety school, SwimRVA. We are talking about how SwimRVA helps young people how to swim, their safety programs and how we have partnered with SwimRVA to help some of our students learn to be lifeguards and CPR certified. Listen to this great episode and share it with your friends. www.swimrva.com 

Episode 13: Guest, Gordon & Lori Taylor from Smoke Pit Grill, Click here
Gordon and Lori Taylor did not start their careers in the restaurant business but the desire for a change in their lives brought them to start a food truck business that led to their own sit-down restaurant, the Smoke Pit Grill. Gordon and Lori recently were able to visit the culinary students at Varina High School and teach them how to smoke ribs and serve them from the largest food truck (actually a trailer) in Richmond. We had a great interview with them about their past careers, their visit to Varina HS and why they want to continue to give back to the community through Henrico CTE. smokepitgrill.com

Episode 12: Guest Victoria Ferris, Intro to Culinary Arts Instructor, Click here
Victoria Ferris is a teacher at Varina High School and is the Intro to Culinary Arts instructor and also Nutritional Wellness. Her very successful program gets her students ready to work in the restaurant industry. Every week her students prepare meals for many of Varina’s sports teams and caters many Henrico County events. She talks with us about what it takes to become a cook and her experiences in the classroom.

Episode 11: Guest Virginia Delegate, John McGuire, Click here
Our guest is Virginia House of Delegates member John McGuire representing the 56th district. Mr. McGuire was born and raised in Henrico. Took the CTE Electronics program and graduated from Henrico High School. After high school he joined the Navy and became a Navy Seal. He is also a successful businessman and has been a delegate since 2018. Mr. McGuire talks to us about how CTE influenced his life and how important he feels it is for today’s youth.

Episode 10: Steve Pierce and Heather Greenwell with Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals, Click here
This episode we spend a great half hour with Heather Greenwell and Steve Pierce with the Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals. They speak with us about the importance of attracting young people to the roofing industry. Mark is also the General Manager of the Richmond branch of Baker Roofing.

Episode 9: Guests From A Couple Of our ACE Center Programs And We Are Talking About Signing Day, Click here
This episode is very special. Its subject is about our second annual CTE Signing Day where we recognize and celebrate students who are graduating high school and moving on to the world of work. Like star athletes, our stars are students who are sitting next to their future employer and signing an agreement to start their employment with many eager companies who are looking for trained and experienced young people from Henrico County’s Career and Technical Education programs. There students are receiving great starting pay with quality benefits that put them in a higher category than most young people working today. Last year’s event had about a dozen students and about 6 companies. This years we have over 100 students going to work with over 50 employers. Please help us honor these great students and employers by visiting our website, henricocte.com, and finding out more and join us on social media @henricocte (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and wish these young men and women well as they start their journey to adulthood on April 23rd. They aren’t getting a job, they are starting their career.

Episode 8: Guest, A. Person, instructor for the Masonry program at the ACE Center at Highland Springs, Click here
This week’s guest is Mr. Person, instructor at the ACE Center at Highland Springs Masonry class. Mr. Person talks about the importance of masonry in today’s construction and about how students can make it a career.

Episode 7: Guest, Ricky Akers with James River Exteriors, Click here
In this episode we interview Ricky Akers, sight supervisor for James River Exteriors. We talk about the challenges of finding new talent for the masonry industry. We learned a lot from Ricky’s 40 years of experience in the masonry industry. Enjoy. https://jamesriverexteriors.com/

Episode 6: Guest Carter Iseman, David Helmick, Sunni Burton with the Virginia Asphalt Association, Click here

In this great episode we interview Carter Iseman, Director of Training and Development for Virginia Asphalt Association, David Helmick, Executive Vice President of Superior Paving, and Sunni Burton, QC Lab Technician for Superior Paving. They talk about their work in the asphalt industry and what they are actively doing to attract young people to their industry and more. For more information about the Virginia Asphalt Association please visit www.vaasphalt.com.

Episode 5: Guest Mark Schultz & Anthony Dejarnette (DJ), instructors for the Automotive Technology program at the ACE Center at Hermitage, Click Here
Today’s guests are Mark Schultz and Anthony Dejarnette (DJ), instructors in the Automotive Technology program at the ACE Center at Hermitage

Episode 4: Guest, Chris Haynie, service manager at Richmond Ford West, Click here
Chris Haynie, Service Manager at Richmond Ford West is our guest for today’s episode.

Episode 3: Guest Mr. Renick, A/C, Refrigeration & Plumbing Instructor, Click Here
This episode we interview Duane Renick, A/C, Refrigeration & Plumbing instructor at the ACE Center @ Hermitage and Chris Keithly, owner of CK Appliance Repair, former student of Mr. Renick and his brother Brandon who is also a former student of Mr. Renick. Duane discusses the importance of CTE and the ACE Centers and Chris and Brandon talk about how Duane and his teaching influenced them in their career of choice.

Episode 2: Guest Mitch Haddon with Colonial Webb, Click Here
This week we interview Mitch Haddon, President of Colonial Webb, and discuss the importance of CTE students to his and other businesses in today’s marketplace. https://www.colonialwebb.com/

Episode 1: Guest, Mac Beaton, director of Henrico Career & Technical Education, Click here
Welcome to the first episode of Henrico CTE Now. On today’s show we have Mac Beaton, Director of Henrico CTE as our guest talking about the importance of Career and Technical Education (CTE). Join Reshawn Garnett and Mike Roberts and find out what CTE is all about.