Students & Parents


Parents – What do you want for your kids? An education that takes them to college or training that could lead to a great high-paying job?

itshere200Students – What are you looking for? An engaging and exciting experience that gives you hands-on real world learning that’s different from your usual high school education.

Career and Technical Education programs in Henrico County Public School prepare students for college, certification in numerous career fields, and employment in a high-paying and fulfilling career.

  • CTE Pathways at the high school level can prepare you for job entry or promotion, or they can lay the foundation for advanced education and training.
  • High school CTE programs are closely coordinated with higher education to minimize duplication of courses while ensuring that students have the skills to succeed.

Wherever possible, students shall be encouraged and afforded opportunities to take college courses simultaneously for high school graduation and college degree credit (dual enrollment), under the following conditions:

  1. Written approval of the high school principal before participation in dual enrollment must be obtained.
  2. The college must accept the student for admission to the course or courses; and
  3. The course or courses must be given by the college for degree credits (no remedial courses will be accepted).

Pathways will help students clearly recognize the opportunities available to them in high school and will ease the transition to employment and educational opportunities beyond high school.