Education & Training

The Education and Training cluster is about using your ability to motivate and your love of people to provide education and training that reaches individuals of all ages and across a range of industries. Careers include teaching in a classroom, leading as a college president and serving in your community as a social worker.

Increased enrollment in middle schools and larger class sizes should increase the employment of middle school teachers. During this time period, a number of older teachers are expected to retire, which is expected to improve job prospects for younger educators. Employment also is expected to increase for preschool teachers due to higher enrollment. The increased emphasis on early childhood education is driving the demand for pre-school teachers. Job prospects should be better for teachers with a bachelor’s degree and those who have prior experience working with preschool-aged children. Sports are increasingly becoming more popular, which is generating the need for coaches and scouts.  With the popularity of athletic programs in high schools and colleges, coaches will be needed to train student-athletes.

Middle School Courses

  1.  Introduction to Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow: #9061

High School Courses

  1. Early Childhood Education and Services I & II: #8285, #8286 (ACE)
  2. Introduction to Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow: #9061
  3. Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow I & II: #9062, #9072