Business Management & Administration

Business Management and Administration careers use your organizational and leadership skills to prepare for careers where you plan, direct, and evaluate operations to run a successful business. There are a variety of career opportunities available including hiring staff, analyzing data, and launching your own start-up. This career cluster employs the largest number of workers in Virginia.

The employment of top executives is expected to grow and will largely depend on what industry the executive works in. Top executives are tasked with running companies, organizations, and departments, making their essential. Companies will continue to need receptionists to perform administrative tasks, such as answering phones, receiving visitors, and providing general information about their organizations. The employment of receptionists is expected to grow and will be particularly fueled by the healthcare industries, especially physicians’ and dentists’ offices. There also will be a higher need for customer service representatives in the coming years. Call centers are expected to add the most customer service representative jobs.

Middle School Courses

  1. Make It Your Business: #8112

High School Courses

  1. Medical Systems Administration: #6730 (ACE)
  2. Business Management: #6136
  3. Office Administration: #6621, 6621V
  4. Principals of Business & Marketing: #6115
  5. Microsoft IT Academy: #6612
  6. Advanced Microsoft IT Academy Honors: #6613