The Energy cluster uses your interests in helping people and passion for your community to prepare for careers in the energy sectors. Energy workers find a rewarding experience in keeping the energy flowing. Responsibilities may include accessing natural resources used as fuel, directly assisting the utility and non-utility generation of power, constructing, operating, and maintaining infrastructures such as power lines, power and pipeline construction, fuel distribution, and the manufacture of electrical transmission equipment such as solar and wind equipment. The cluster also deals with energy efficiency and sustainability.

The hiring of energy efficiency jobs makes up the larger portion of state total energy workers. Job prospects will be good for those employed in transmission, distribution, and energy storage. Electric power generation jobs in solar and traditional fossil fuel generation are in demand. Fossil fuels make up the largest segment of employment-related to fuels; however, alternative power is in high demand.

Middle School Courses

No Courses at this time

High School Courses

  1. Electricity & Cabling I & II: #8533, #8534 (ACE)


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