Digital Visualization

Arts and Communications ICON100Digital Visualization

Course #8459

1 Credit/Elective

36 Weeks


  • Gain experience related to computer animation by involving 3D object manipulation, storyboarding, texture mapping, lighting concepts, and environmental geometry
  • Produce animations that include projects related to science, engineering, and the entertainment industry
  • Develop a portfolio that showcases examples of original student work

Students qualified as CTE finishers will take an Industry Credentialing assessment related to the course

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve Nalbone says:

    If our son is an 11th grader next year and takes Digital Visual, what class/es would he take his senior year?
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      What high school is your son attending and would you consider him taking a 2 year, half day course at an ACE Center?


  2. chamika says:

    what about summer before senior year? Can my son attend this class if he’ll be a senior next year?


    1. Henrico CTE says:

      Yes they can sign up for the class. After talking with the specialist that manages that class I will be making a change to the website information to include seniors. Thank you.


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