Digital Visualization

Arts and Communications ICON100Digital Visualization

Course #8459

1 Credit/Elective

36 Weeks


  • Gain experience related to computer animation by involving 3D object manipulation, storyboarding, texture mapping, lighting concepts, and environmental geometry
  • Produce animations that include projects related to science, engineering, and the entertainment industry
  • Develop a portfolio that showcases examples of original student work

Students qualified as CTE finishers will take an Industry Credentialing assessment related to the course

4 thoughts on “Digital Visualization”

  1. If our son is an 11th grader next year and takes Digital Visual, what class/es would he take his senior year?
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    1. Yes they can sign up for the class. After talking with the specialist that manages that class I will be making a change to the website information to include seniors. Thank you.

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