Masonry I & II

MASONRY I Course No. 8512

MASONRY II Course No. 8513

acecolorhswebvsACEVRlogo1002 years – 6 credits – itshere200Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center at Highland Springs and The ACE Center at Virginia Randolph

ACE @ Highland Springs Instructor: A. Person

ACE @ Virginia Randolph Instructor: S. Phelps

State Course Title: Masonry I, Masonry II.

The first-year masonry student learns to use, care for, and handle safely the tools, machines, equipment, and materials commonly used in the masonry trade. This involves laying brick to the line and construction of corners and walls of buildings. Students mayapplytoACEbutton200 participate in the construction of a house. Students will have the opportunity to earn the 10-hour OSHA certification.

masonry3The second-year student refines his or her technique of bricklaying in the construction of chimneys, steps, and other more complex projects. Throughout the course, neatness, good work habits, and continued observation of safety rules are stressed to prepare the student mentally and physically for a successful career. Students will continue to participate in the construction of a house. Major units of study include safety; care and use of masonry tools; blueprint reading and layout; mortar mixes; constructing walls and corners; constructing piers and chimneys; ornamental brick and block work; and estimating materials.

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Students can become certified in the following area(s):

  • Masonry II

The cost to take the certification test is paid for by Henrico County Public Schools.

For questions, please click here to email the Pre-Engineering and Industrial Careers, Agricultural Education, and JROTC Specialist or visit their page here.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics click here. 

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